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Declare War on Boring

Boring is a sworn enemy of content marketing & copywriting.

Boring kills business.

That is why Kaboomis Copy unleashes a Scorched Earth Policy on every marketing project. From the initial planning phase to the final edits, Kaboomis Copy blows up everything boring might find useful.


Without mercy, boring infiltrates promotional campaigns (both high and low budgets) using guerrilla tactics like these…

  • Ads that create no emotional response and are forgotten in seconds
  • Direct mail that only gets opened by rats in landfills
  • eBooks that get mediocre or negative reviews on Amazon
  • Blog articles that receive no comments, subscribers or shares
  • Website copy that makes visitors bounce
  • Social media posts people bypass with a yawn and a thumb swipe

Your business must destroy boring or else surrender to the axis of obscurity.

Those who are ready to declare war on boring branding and drowsy marketing can contact General Matthew Kaboomis Loomis–leader of Kaboomis Copy.

His mission is to protect innocent websites and brands from traiterous cowards like boring by using his arsenal of explosive copywriting and combustible content marketing.

Boring hates Matthew Kaboomis Loomis.

The feeling is mutual.

Go On the Offensive

Boring is sinister.

You just never know when boring will strike your brand or your marketing campaign.

Stop letting boring kill your ideas, profits or ultimately your dreams…

Strike first with Kaboomis Copy.

Let’s make something happen.

Matthew “Kaboomis” Loomis